How to do a Deadlift | Form Technique Tips

It’s important to make sure your training matches your goals. Don’t think that doing isolation work only will get the results you’re after. It’s important to set your workouts up to hit compound movements first while you have gas in the tank. A compound movement is a movement that utilizes multiple muscle groups at the same time. There are many different compound movements you can do but one is more popular than the rest. Deadlifts are great compound movements as long as you know how to do a deadlift properly. 

Learn how to do a deadlift and then utilize this compound movement to ensure that you get to your fitness goals the right way. Workout Tips | Fitness Tips | At Home Workouts | At Home Weight Workouts | Strength Training Tips | Beginner Workout Ideas #workout #fitness

Learn how to do a deadlift and then utilize this compound movement to ensure that you get to your fitness goals the right way.

Deadlifts are compound movements that force your body to use multiple muscle groups. I like to use deadlifts as a great compound exercise for my glutes, hamstrings and lower back. Once I have exhausted my legs I hit the machines to isolate my muscles like hamstrings. I do leg curls, or glute abductors and other glute isolations to really feel the burn. This is a great way to get the results you want without isolating a single muscle.

In fact, if you’re mixing compound movements with isolation exercises, start with compound and then move to isolation. Though, there really isn’t a need for isolation exercises. Isolation does work but why would you want to limit yourself to just one muscle when you can work out an entire group?

Isolation should only really be used if you’re recovering from an injury or strengthening an area that seems to be behind the rest. I find training this way really allows you to improve on strength. It also allows you to get that deep muscle burn at the end to help fatigue out each individual muscle for that max benefit!

How to do a Deadlift

  • Engage your core throughout | Don’t let your belly hang, contract your abs the entire time.
  • Neutral spine | Be sure to keep your back in a neutral position as you lower and as you come back up. Engaging core aids in this. 
  • Hinge your hip as your main movement pattern | Think of your hips as a door hinge opening and closing. Standing up your door is open, lowering down your door is closed.
  • Squeeze those cheeks together at the top for max glute contraction.

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