How Do you Get a Round Booty? {Coffee Confessionals – Booty Building Tips}

It’s a question we are often asked. “How do I get a round booty?” Amanda answers that question in this segment of Coffee Confessionals. Listen up all you flat bottomed girls out there as she gives you the scoop on building your best booty.

Get the best answer to the age old question, "How do I get a round booty?" with a little help from HBI Labs and Amanda Kotel during a coffee confessional. Booty Workout | Lower Body Workout | Round Booty Tips | Big Booty Tips | Workouts for a Round Butt

Answer the age old question, how do I get a round booty? With a little help from Amanda Kotel herself.

If you’re asking how to get a round booty? Lower body work is the answer and it is compound work. Exercises like squats and lunges target all of the muscles in your legs, hips, and booty and that is great. It’s a win/win if you are looking for fat burning and building total lower body strength. If you are also looking to develop a better booty you need to engage the muscle more. Isolation exercises are the way to go.

Isolation of the glutes is a little complicated. As Amanda explains, your glute muscles are multi-directional. They need to be isolated and worked with a focus on all directions. Some great exercises that give all the attention to your backside are hip extensions, abductors, booty kickbacks and the clam. All of these concentrate on building that round, hard body shape you are looking for.

Engaging your glutes more is the key. Doing these and other booty exercises correctly and targeting your glutes about every other day should be just what you need to get that perfect round shape. Remember to “use your butt as your main mover”. You want to concentrate on the squeeze and hold of these exercises. Really feel your glutes engage in every movement. Then get ready to love seeing that round booty take shape.

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