My name is Maria Syngrou and I am originally from Greece. I’ve been into sports and fitness from a young age. I took up swimming when I was 2, and by the age of 7 I was already in the local synchronized swimming team. During high school, I developed an interest in gymnastics and acrobatics. After graduating, I moved to London to study art and design with a focus in fashion design. At this point, I had to take a step back from training to focus on my studies and undergraduate thesis so I could graduate with a good grade and apply for postgraduate school. It wasn’t until I moved to LA, when I got back into training, that I realized fitness was my real passion. I started training and educating myself about bodybuilding, nutrition, and competing in bodybuilding competitions. I have competed in three NPC shows, two WBFF, and also at the nationals in Athens, Greece in order to represent Greece in the IFBB show in Ohio. I am currently taking some time off from competing to allow my body to recuperate and recover. To me, fitness is not just a passion; it is an integral part of my life. It is my social circle, my therapy, and my happy place.