It all started when…

    Kristin has been teaching group fitness for over ten years. She started as a dance instructor and knew that teaching people about health and fitness was what she was destined to do with her life. After sustaining numerous injuries dancing with a company in her early twenties, Kristin started taking Pilates as a way of self rehabilitation. Her love for Pilates eventually blossomed and she became certified through Body Arts Science International as a comprehensive Pilates instructor. Teaching Pilates expanded her knowledge of body movement and opened the opportunity to become certified as a yoga and barre instructor.

    After teaching boutique studios for a few years, Kristin decided to audition to become a group fitness instructor for Equinox Health Club. Much to her surprise, she was hired and the doors to the world of fitness opened. Equinox helped Kristin further her knowledge of weight lifting and athletic training by consistently pushing her to try new movement, new formats, and new ways of challenging the body.

    In the process of being hired and working for Equinox, Kristin obtained her personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and started working as a private personal trainer.

    Kristin’s goal is to help people live their best life. Her belief is that living your best life starts with feeling good about yourself, inside and out.

    Who can you become?