Originally from the UK, I started to DJ when living in Asia and have had the opportunity to spin in Various cities and countries worldwide however DJing really took of for me personally when I came to LA and attended Scratch Academy. Since graduating from Scratch, I have had the opportunity to DJ in and around various clubs and bars in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, even securing my own residency in two venues – a lounge in Downtown LA and a bar in Venice. I have also had the opportunity to DJ for Mac Cosmetic stores on a number of occasions, as well as, Nordstrom, Macy’s and fitness studios in LA. Having a background as a performer, I have always been very comfortable on the mic and hosting and MCing events come very natural to me which has been a great advantage when doing corporate events and private parties. I play mainly open format and enjoy mixing all genres together with new and classic songs from rock, pop, latin, hip hop to house. I have experience playing in most genres solely also. I really like to infuse what I learnt at Scratch Academy into my sets to separate me from any other DJ and work hard to keep being creative and ensure my sets are consistently entertaining and exactly what people are looking for whatever the setting.