My name is Chrysa Baker and I am known in the fitness industry as one of the FITWINS. I am originally from Athens, Greece. I have been into sports ever since I was young, taking up everything from acrobatic gymnastics and synchronized swimming to volleyball and tennis. 

In addition to my passion for sports, I also developed a love for the arts and, more specifically, fashion. In 2005, I moved to London to study fashion design and styling. Although I enjoyed the creativity and artistic notion of fashion, I was also exposed to countless images of skinny figures and size-zero models. This had an unavoidable impact on my personal life. I developed an eating disorder, which caused my athletic and healthy body to become very slim and unhealthy. This is when fitness came back into my life as a salvation. It was a very crucial moment where I realized that fitness and a healthy lifestyle are my number one passion, which saved me from bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Through this personal experience, I started to believe that such a transition can save other girls who are going down the same path.

I am now a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and posing coach. I have also begun a new journey in the sport of bodybuilding. I have competed in several NPC and WBFF shows in the bikini division placing within the top 5. I have competed in Greece for the nationals and become a national athlete of the Greek Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation GBFF.  My schedule is full of training, prepping food, and attending fitness-related events such as expos and boot camps. My main goal is to be an advocate of fitness and nutrition, and to inspire and encourage others to get fit, healthy, and strong through training and clean dieting.