One challenge to finding the best workouts is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Your fitness level and approach to wellness is unique. Your workout regimen should reflect that.

HBI Labs has every type of workout you need, along with full descriptions of how to do it correctly. When you train with HBI Labs, you train with the best and get the results you seek. HBI Labs can also help you alter each workout so it fits your unique needs and approach. This will help you achieve your fitness goals. Unlike other workout sites, HBI Labs focuses on exercising like the pros, while making the necessary adjustments so that these workouts support your fitness level and lifestyle.

Once you begin a workout regimen that is tailored to you, you will see your goals more clearly, gain confidence in your abilities, and become part of Team HBI Labs.

February 7, 2018
The Target Heart Rate is where most of the magic will happen when you’re working out. Use our target heart rate workout to calculate yours. Target Heart Rate | Heart Rate | What is Target Heart Rate | Workout Tips | Best Workout Tips | At Home Workouts | Workout Routines

How to Find your Target Heart Rate + Bonus Target Heart Rate Workout

The concept of heart rate is easy to understand: It’s the rate at which your heart beats and pumps blood through your body. Heart rates adjust based on physical activity. The easier the activity, the slower your heart rate. Likewise, the harder the activity, the faster your heart rate. In terms of working out, slow and steady cardio keeps the heart rate stable and slow, while high-intensity cardio will speed things up. Keeping an eye […]
January 4, 2018
Increasing suppleness through stretching exercises for beginners will increase your fitness potential and help you feel better on your fitness journey. How to Properly Stretch | Best Stretching Exercises | Why is Stretching Important| How to Stretch

10 Stretching Exercises for Beginners | Stretching Routine for Beginners

Need some help to stretch out? Follow this simple routine every day without quitting for guaranteed flexibility. Stretching exercises for beginners keep your muscles supple, strong, and in good physical shape. Improved suppleness and amplified range-of-motion are common consequences of a day-to-day stretching routine. Tense, inflexible limbs and muscles are easily hurt, mostly because they aren’t adapted to gesticulation or extending. Stretching also recovers circulation by increasing blood flow to your muscles. If we don’t […]
November 28, 2017

Total Body Circuit Training Workout | Gym or At Home Workout

Many people want a killer body but find it hard to fit a good workout into their busy schedule. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to spend at the gym. Circuit training may be the solution we all need or want in our lives. A circuit training workout is a perfect way to get through those plateaus, improve your conditioning, develop muscle tone and just improve your body’s composition. In fact, circuit training […]
July 25, 2017
Anyone can start weight training moves as long as they keep in mind that they need to practice the movements first and struggling comes with the territory. Weight Training Workouts | How to Start Weight Training | Workout Tips | Weight Training Ideas

5 Weight Training Moves for Beginners

Want to start adding some weight training moves to your routine? There is one routine that will bring you the basics and help you build the perfect foundation for your weight training journey. One of the best ways to start weight training is a circuit training regimen. Circuit training allows you to move from one exercise to another and then repeat when you’ve finished them all. These weight training moves are great for weight loss […]