March 6, 2018
Before packing your best beach vacation outfits make sure they will show off all of the hard work you’ve put into your body because you’ve earned it! Beach Outfits | Beach Clothing Ideas | Beach Style Ideas | Travel Fashion | Beach Fashion | Fashion Ideas

15 Beach Vacation Outfits to Celebrate a Beautiful Body

When people think of paradise, it’s usually a white sand beach with clear blue ocean waters, and a coconut cup filled with a favorite drink. While the place is easy to picture in your mind, what you’re wearing isn’t as simple. Finding the best beach vacation outfits takes a little more work. Especially when the idea is to show off all of the hard work you’ve put into your body. Whether you’ve reached your weight […]
January 25, 2018
It can be easy to push your fitness routine aside while traveling. Use these tips to stay healthy while traveling to minimize weight gain. Travel Tips | Travel Fitness Tips | Healthy Travel | Fitness Travel | How to Stay Fit During Travel

10 Secret Tips to Staying Healthy While Traveling

Travelling is part of life and there is no reason to stop just to stay fit. However, many people find it difficult to stay healthy while traveling. I understand because I too travel and need too, sometimes not seeing a real kitchen for months on end. To stay healthy while traveling, I eat out at least once per day and it seems like I would have to leave the health plan behind. However, I have […]