Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about working out or seeing the doctor once every few months. Having the right food and recipes will help you live a healthier life every single day. The only problem is that you need to find the right food and recipes first. HBI Labs has the information you need to gather the right food and recipes into your kitchen. Use the recipes you find here to help you eat healthier every single meal. The recipes are great and will help you succeed, but each recipe will require the right ingredients first. One of the reasons people avoid eating healthy is because it seems too complicated to understand. Before you can eat right, you should first learn about things like calories, vitamins, minerals and the effects they have on your body. Once you understand everything, you can easily make wise choices in grocery shopping and meal planning. HBI Labs is where you will find the things you need to know before you head to the grocery store and before you cook in the kitchen.

July 6, 2018

11 Keto Breakfast Recipes to Burn Fat

A keto diet is a diet that is low in carbs and is meant to get your body into a state of ketosis. Ketosis is when your body doesn’t get enough carbs to provide energy and then begins to use the fat stored for that energy instead. Some debate that ketosis isn’t exactly causing you to lose weight and others will swear by low carb dieting. What is important to remember is that everyone lives […]
May 11, 2018
Eating healthy Memorial Day party appetizers won’t save your diet from the entire meal you might eat that day but every little bit helps. Best Memorial Day Party Appetizers | Easy Memorial Day Party Appetizers | Memorial Day BBQ Recipes | Best Memorial Day BBQ Recipes | Healthy Memorial Day BBQ Recipes | Easy Memorial Day BBQ Recipes | Healthy BBQ Recipes | Healthy BBQ Appetizer Recipes

15 Healthy Memorial Day Party Appetizers

Americans come together to celebrate those who have given their lives for our country on Memorial Day. Many towns and cities across the country host parades, festivals, live concerts, and ceremonies, but there is an even more popular way to celebrate Memorial Day. Throwing a Memorial Day BBQ is one of the most popular ways to celebrate with family and friends. The problem with the Memorial Day BBQ is that the meal isn’t entirely healthy. […]
April 27, 2018
The best healthy office snacks for men make sure your body is happy even when you’re in the middle of an office job with no time to make something fresh. Best Healthy Snacks | Healthy Snacks | Healthy Snacks for Work | Healthy Snacks for the Office | Healthy Snacks for Men | Protein Packed Snacks

10 Healthy Office Snacks for Men

Time is against us in many different ways and can be a common excuse from a healthy lifestyle. Many of us feel like we don’t have the time or are not in the right place to keep up with our healthy living. One example is at work, in the office. While at work we don’t have the time to put together a healthy snack to fight any mild hunger we have before lunch or even […]
April 24, 2018
Want to whiten your teeth without spending a fortune on products? Use these diet tips to get whiter teeth and share that beautiful smile! Teeth Whitening Tips | How to Whiten Teeth | Beauty Tips | Dental Care Tips | Teeth Whitening Ideas | How to Whiten Teeth at Home

Tips to Whiten your Teeth with your Diet

Many aspects of our outward appearance can be directly related to aspects of our lifestyle. One of the best examples of this idea is our teeth. What we eat or drink can change the appearance of our teeth. If you eat too much or drink too much of the wrong things, our teeth will turn yellow or brown. When that happens, we start to hide our smile and that’s not just a crime against our […]
March 24, 2018
Easter meal planning requires healthy Easter dinner recipes that will not only help you celebrate the holiday but also stay on track with your diet. Healthy Easter Recipes | Healthy Easter Dinner Recipes | Healthy Dinner Recipes | Easter Dinner Recipes for Weight Loss | Dinner Recipes for Weight Loss

15 Healthy Easter Dinner Recipes to Maintain your Dieting Goals

Many people focus on the major holidays for meal planning; holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Thanksgiving receive a lot of planning.  But there are other holidays throughout the year that each come with their own holiday meal. One of those holidays is Easter, which involves a traditional holiday dinner. If you want to reach your goals, it’s important to stay on track all year long with your diet plan and that means finding healthy Easter […]
February 24, 2018
No bake protein balls are an easy to make protein snack that is healthy and provides a boost of protein to help burn fat and keep you full. Protein Balls Recipes | No Bake Protein Balls Recipes | Protein Filled Snacks | Best Protein Snacks | Healthy Snacks on the Go

21 No Bake Protein Balls for Easy Snacking

Protein plays an important role in health and fitness. Protein is a nutrient that helps build and repair tissues in the body and is responsible for the growth of hormones and other chemicals. This is why protein is important when working out and trying to lose weight. Getting protein is easy as it can be found in different foods, specifically meats and some greens. But there is an even easier way to get protein to […]
February 19, 2018
The best protein pancake recipes will help you start your day out right and help you maintain your healthy diet. Protein Pancake Ideas | Easy Protein Pancake Recipes | Best Protein Pancake Ideas | Best Protein Breakfast Ideas | Healthy Protein Pancake Recipes

21 Protein Pancake Recipes for an Easy Start to your Day

Pancakes have long been a staple on breakfast menus across the country. There are many different types of pancakes, most of which are sweet. While trying to lose weight, sweet things are usually avoided. However, there is an opportunity with pancakes that we all can take advantage of that will turn them around. We all have the opportunity to add protein to our pancakes. By enjoying protein pancake recipes, we can still enjoy our breakfast […]
January 22, 2018
There are many health benefits that come from eating ghee and adding it to your diet is very easy and inexpensive to do. You will love how you feel by making this one simple change to your diet. What is Ghee | Is Ghee Good for You | Is Ghee Healthy | How to Eat Ghee | Why Eat Ghee

Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Eating Ghee

The first recognized usage of butter was back in 2000 BC. It became very prevalent in the cooler northern parts of India but didn’t last well in the warmer southern areas. It’s supposed that the southerners are accountable for clarifying butter, to save it from spoiling. Ghee rapidly was combined with the food, into the ritual preparation, and into Ayurvedic curative practices. The health benefits of eating ghee are important, including that it’s supposed to […]
January 16, 2018
Make one of these lunch recipes for work that are filled with nutrients to keep you energized and on track with your diet. Best Healthy Lunch Recipes | Easy Lunch Recipes | Best Lunch Recipes for Work | Lunch Recipes for work

21 Healthy Lunch Recipes for Work that are Easy to Make

Having lunch at work is often dangerous to our health because we usually want something easy. Something easy means fast food and that means greasy, deep fried, foods that aren’t healthy. The best way to fight the fast food line is to just bring a lunch with you to work. When you make your own lunch to take with you to work, you avoid giving into temptations that fill the office every single day. We […]
December 17, 2017
Making the best protein bars recipes is key to a healthy diet and lifestyle. These tasty protein bars are perfect as meal replacements or snacks on the go. No-Bake Blueberry Protein Bar | Nut-Tastic Energy Bars | Almond Joy Bars (no-bake) | Simple Pro

5 Homemade Protein Bar Recipes for a Fit Life

There are plenty of protein bar options at your local grocery store or nutrients store. Many of them are actually great protein bars and have everything you need to power your body. However, you may not recognize some of the ingredients and don’t feel comfortable consuming something you don’t know. Knowing how to make your own protein bars can help solve that problem in under an hour and give you the fuel you need to […]
September 30, 2017
Smoothie recipes are easy to make and can help to curb excessive hunger and sugar cravings why living a healthy lifestyle. Healthy Smoothie Ideas | Healthy Snacks | Healthy Snack Ideas | Healthy Snack Recipes

25 Smoothie Recipes to Fuel your Day

Smoothie recipes are certainly all the hype in today’s world. From smoothie bars to the Nutribullet, smoothies are one of the best ways to get your fruit and veggie servings in for the day. And let me let you in on a secret…smoothies don’t have to taste like grass to be nutritious. Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds, detox, or sustain a cleaner or healthier diet, there are tons of smoothie recipes […]
August 24, 2017
Choosing the healthiest protein bars can be hard with all of the options. Once you know what to look for in a protein bar, you can choose ones that will keep you full and give you energy. Best Protein Bars | Protein Bars for Fitness | Healthiest Protein Bars | Best Healthy Protein Bars | Which Protein Bars are Healthier

Tips for Choosing the Healthiest Protein Bars

Protein bars – we eat them for breakfast, before a good workout, on the go, when we go on outdoor adventures and sometimes for a midnight snack. But did you know that most protein bars, quite frankly, suck? Many protein bars that we see in the store or advertised online or on television, are candy bars in disguise. They appear to be made with whole ingredients but when actual observation of the ingredients label takes […]