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Want to learn how I get strong and what back & abs workout I use to stay lean all year round? Try this workout and find out for yourself! Consistency is key! I have built my body up over years… like 5+ years filled with consistent heavy lifting, progressive overload and scheduled rest periods. Not to mention my nutrition is on point! I like to take a scientific approach to my training and nutrition principles, which helps me make analytical changes over emotional changes which cause you to be reckless. However, everyone has their own approach to success. What is important is that you find the way that works for you, your time, and your lifestyle.

Having a properly periodized back & abs workout is key to not only improve your physique but to keep you injury free! Workout Tips | Ab Workout | Back Workout | How to Get Abs | How to Get a Defined Back | Flat Tummy Workouts

Having a properly periodized back & abs workout training program is key to not only improve your physique but to keep you interested and injury free!

Your nutrition should also be set up that way too! It should support the goal you have for that training phase! Another aspect that should be included in every routine is a good workout. Most people want a flat belly and ab workouts to help with that. But to stay lean and keep your core strengthened, you can also use back exercises as well.

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The workout is simple:

  • Weighted hyperextensions 4×12
  • Rest 45-60s between sets
  • Lat pulldowns 4×12-15
  • Rest 45-60s between sets
  • T bar rows 4×12-15
  • Rest 45-60s between sets
  • Weighted cable crunches 4×15-20
  • Rest 45-60s between sets
  • If you’re feeling extra feisty then add 20 mins of HIIT cardio in the elliptical, treadmill or whatever your cardio choice is.
  • Do 30 seconds of work with 60 seconds rest

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