Team HBI Labs


What is Team HBI Labs?

Team HBI Labs Inc brings top fitness professionals together to build a collaborative and supportive fitness community that engages with brands and connects authentically with fitness enthusiasts. Team HBI Labs Inc isn’t just any team – we are here to help our models, athletes and influencers build their brands, grow their income, and learn the tools they need to succeed in the e-commerce world.

Community is key to Team HBI Labs Inc . We provide mentor-ship, guidance, brand building support, photo shoots, and networking opportunities to all of our team members. With national partnerships and multiple brand partners in place, we have exciting opportunities within our company. Influencers and athletes are hand selected to be a perfect fit within our ecosystem.

Daniel Hughes

My name is Daniel Hughes.

I have always been addicted to the ocean and blame my dad for every bit of it. He was always going surfing, which made me want to learn. I got my first surfboard when I was five years old. Standing up on my first wave was the most incredible feeling in the world. No words could describe that feel. From that moment on, I have thrived off the thrill of the ocean. That thrill, that passion, has allowed me to progress as an athlete and as a person. On June 11, 2018, I placed second in the USA SUP Championships, putting me on the USA SUP Team, and on my way to compete in the ISA SUP World Championships in China. I strive to be the best and share my passion with others. I want to live my dream of traveling and surfing all over the world and, more importantly, have fun doing it.

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