Accent & Sculptra Cellulite Consultation at ROX Spa Newport Beach

Cellulite isn’t something you can just work out specifically. In fact, cellulite is not a side effect of being overweight. Instead, cellulite affects 80 to 90 percent of women and is seen in all levels of fitness. Amanda had a consultation with Rox Spa Newport Beach to find out more about the Accent and Sculptra treatments for cellulite.

Find out what Rox Spa Newport Beach can do to help you with cellulite along with Amanda as she has her first consultation.

If you find yourself struggling with cellulite and constantly trying to work out that area of your body to remove those dimples and bumps, you may be happy to know that it’s not your fault. This is because cellulite is not a sign of having too much fat. Instead, genetics, hormones, gender, and lifestyle all play a role in how badly cellulite affects you. That isn’t to say fat doesn’t make cellulite worse but even the fittest woman could have cellulite in some areas, most often her butt or thighs.

Rox Spa Newport Beach has a treatment that is meant to remove cellulite and it’s known as Accent. Accent is a laser treatment that Amanda learns about in the consultation. As an added attack on cellulite, Sculptra is an injection treatment that works as another punch to cellulite in a safe and healthy way. The most important thing to remember is that you must love the skin you’re in but there is nothing wrong with wanting better for yourself. This is why we eat healthy and work out regularly because we want something better for ourselves. But when there are aspects of our skin and health that we can’t improve with a healthy diet and regular exercise, we can turn to professionals.

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