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Meet Amanda Kotel, HBI Labs Spokesmodel and Creator of Toned in 12



Amanda has successfully completed a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science, where she specialized in Athletic Therapy and Human Physiology. After 11 years in the health and fitness industry, Amanda now runs a successful online coaching business in which she helps women world-wide, rebuild their metabolisms, transform their bodies and achieve their physical goals through her online coaching program. She has grown to become the leading expert in reverse dieting and metabolism rebuilding, having damaged her own while training for shows. She has helped many women over come training induce thyroid and adrenal dysfunctions like adrenal fatigue using reverse dieting as one tool to achieve success. She has also developed an digital magazine coaching system that puts together all the pieces to managing a successful weight loss plan using a step- by- step guide. In her earlier years she was a highly competitive athlete, competing in both gymnastics and dance since the age 5 until she was 18. She continues to maintain her current physique through weight training, HIIT cardio and conditioning, while following a flexible dieting approach. Amanda loves to learn about the human body and continually studying to further her knowledge. She truly is passionate about teaching and helping people realize their health and fitness.

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